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The arrival of fall is not a reason for us to stop travelling. 😊 Big cities in Croatia today offer plenty of activities and attractions for various types of travellers – singletons, couples, families, businesspeople. And we’ve summarized their main attractions for you.


This city, located in the northern part of Croatia, is a real treat for history and architecture buffs. As one of the best-preserved baroque cities in Europe, Varaždin abounds with castles, churches and monasteries from that period. There is also the international festival Varaždin Baroque Evenings which has been taking place each fall for over 50 years.

However, Varaždin is not only made of angels and frescos. There is the impressive modernist architecture, plenty of intriguing cafés and bars, and your taste buds will thank you if your treat yourself to some of the delicacies of Varaždin cuisine, such as mlinci (type of flat dough), Varaždin Klipič (wheat milk pastry that received the European trademark of geographical origin), and various local cakes.


Originally a harbour city, in the recent years, Rijeka has blossomed as a true contemporary oasis that merges the best parts of being a coastal location and everything an urban centre can offer – festivals, shows, nightlife, cafés, shopping centres, museums – there is something for absolutely everybody. One of the highlights is definitely the Grobnik circuit that regularly hosts various world-class automobile and motorcycle races.

When you’ve visited all the sights in Rijeka, it’s time to start branching out. Due to its central location, Rijeka is the ideal starting point for half-day or full-day excursions to surrounding places (Opatija, Ičići, Lovran), picturesque Istrian towns and hamlets, boat trips to one of the nearby islands (Cres, Krk, Rab) or an adventure in Gorski Kotar.


Croatia’s capital city has for a long time been just a rest stop on the way to the coast. But with time, it has developed its tourism potential and today offers various attractions that will satisfy even the most demanding of travellers. One of such must-see attractions in the Upper Town – the historic core of the city that dates back to Middle Ages. We are sure you will be thrilled by its numerous walkways, cobble-stoned streets, greenery, and street events. Various cultures and traditions from other regions of Croatia (Dalmatia, Zagorje, Istria, Slavonija, Međimurje, Lika and Gorski Kotar) intertwine in Zagreb, which is also reflected in the city’s gastronomic offer – there are plenty of restaurants offering the most diverse dishes and that will take you on a memorable gastronomic journey.

We recommend that you spice up your visit to Zagreb by taking an excursion to one of the surrounding towns (Samobor, Marija Bistrica, Zaprešić, Karlovac), a walk through one of the nearby hills (Medvednica, Samobor Hills, Žumberak Nature Park), and children will particularly enjoy visiting one of the numerous family farms (Kezele, Grešna Gorica, Vuglec Breg…).


Located at the heart of the Adriatic Coast, Zadar is an excellent destination for one-day trips, but for longer stays as well. The main attractions include the Sea Organ – 70-metre-long steps that produce magical sounds when in contact with the sea, the Monument to the Sun that offers a spectacular view of the famous Zadar sunset, the Roman Forum built at the beginning of our era, the oval Church of St. Donatus, the main street – Kalelarga, and the system of fortresses and walls that are a UNESCO-protected heritage.

If you arrive to Zadar with your better half, treat yourselves to a boat trip with the local Barkajols (lat. barcatores) or visit the romantic Krka falls.

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