Top 3 nature destinations in Istria

Prirodne atrakcije Molo Longo

By exploring Istria, you truly get the whole package of diversity – from mountains and green pastures, through vineyards and olive groves, all the way up to the crystal clear sea. With all this natural bounty, Istria is also known for its rich cultural heritage and historical monuments, as well for the world-renowned gastronomic offer. We will focus on the natural attractions by bringing you the most popular ones.

  1. Pazin Cave

If you wish to learn how the natural forces are influencing karst terrains, the Pazin Cave is one of the best examples of karst evolution in Istria. Here, the lovely Istrian river Pazinčica finds its way through the underground all the way to the Raša River valley – and it is magnificent to see.

You can explore Pazin Cave via a hiking trail, by exploring the cave itself with the help of expert spelunkers, or by zip-line. The choice is yours.

  1. Brijuni Islands

These islands are actually a National Park, and the cultural heritage of the Brijuni Islands is a protected cultural monument. The Brijuni Islands consists of 14 islands, islets and cliffs, with a total surface of 34 km2. Two of the most indented islands, and also the most popular ones, are the Veliki Brijun (Large Brijun) and Mali Brijun (Small Brijun).

Brijuni are home to plenty of interesting sights, from dinosaur footprints through a Safari park with exotic animals, to the 1600 year-old olive tree. Sounds interesting? Don’t miss this truly special place.

  1. Učka Nature Park

Učka Nature Park is located near the coast of the North Adriatic and spreads over the Učka Mountain and part of the Ćićarija mountainous plateau. It covers an area of 160 km2 and its natural beauty attracts many visitors, tourists and mountaineers.

We definitely recommend Učka’s highest peak – Vojak (1401 m), where you can enjoy a unique view of all the Istrian Peninsula and the nearby islands from the tower lookout, and on a clear day you might also see a glimpse of the Alps and Venice.

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