Autumn in Lika and Gorski Kotar


After the summer heat and vacation days, the fall comes, a time when we are forced to go back to our routines and hectic lifestyles with significantly less time to travel. However, during the weekends, we deserve to give ourselves a little break and plan out a perfect adventure for us and our friends and family. We have prepared a few ideas for short trips to the Lika and Gorski Kotar regions, places where you can experience autumn firsthand.


The Kamačnik canyon is located near the small town of Vrbovsko, in Gorski Kotar. There is a restaurant at the beginning of the walking trail, a place where you can eat some of the specialties that they have to offer. The trail itself leads you through the untouched nature of this region, along rivulets and waterfalls. The water here is so clear that you can see the reflection of the nature. In the past few years, more and more visitors are discovering the beauty and magic of Kamačnik.


In one of the towns situated between Gorski Kotar and Lika, there is a mountain considered to be the cradle of Croatian alpinism. The town is, of course, Ogulin and the mountain is Klek. You can reach Klek through multiple trails varying in difficulty and leading you through different landscapes. Before the very peak, which is at 1182 meters above sea level, you will find a mountain lodge, usually open on weekends, and a place where you can try local homemade food. Once you have reached the peak, you will have a beautiful view of the town and the surrounding villages.

“Autumn in Lika”

“Autumn in Lika” (Croatian: “Jesen u Lici”) is a cultural and artistic manifestation that takes place in the town of Gospić every October. Aside from a wide range of local specialties (dairy products, honey, wine etc.), this manifestation is a perfect opportunity for you to hear and see performances from various Lika folklore groups and autochthonous animals exhibitions. The programme differs and changes every year, but different thematic exhibitions, competitions and honey, cheese and rakia tastings are held regularly at “Autumn in Lika.”

The Cowboy Village of Roswell

The Cowboy Village of Roswell next to Fužine was constructed during the production of films about the Native American chief Winnetou. After the films were shot, this place became a real tourist attraction that bring in more and more tourists each year. Aside from sightseeing the set, this cowboy village also has a fast food restaurant, and you can also visit the Vrelo cave situated next to the village. In the fall, the village is open only on the weekends, and it is an obvious choice for all fans of the Wild West and westerns.

The Risnjak National Park

Not unlike Klek, our last recommendation is also for fans of mountain climbing. Risnjak is situated next to the town of Delnice, and the park contains a small fortune of flora and fauna. Although this park is a bit of a bigger challenge than the already mentioned Klek, true lovers of untouched nature will not be able to resist the chance to experience Risnjak firsthand.

Wherever you choose to travel, the Molo Longo team is here to ensure top-notch accommodation for you.

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